anger like some people have

We have two choices here: We can match RR kindness with our own and let him move on without any more rancor. Or, were can display our angst and anger like some people have. If you were ready for a change, well you got it. Paul gets away, but I pin Artie against a wall and demand his autograph. Later, I will lose the precious signature in the orange shag carpet of my bedroom. EST: Apollo II moon landing.

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3. Launch a successful side business (Pauly D). Is it fair to call DJ Pauly D the Bethenny Frankel of the “Jersey Shore” set? Just as she hit it big with her line of low calorie cocktails, Paul DelVecchio has turned his DJ act into a wildly thriving business.

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This cordless hand blender stands out from the pack as you’re free to blend away from an electric socket. It has a little removable charger but you do have to wait a little while for it to charge up though, which could be annoying if you want soup and you want it now. To fully charge the battery takes three hours, but that then lasts just as long without recharging.

Attendees can record a video for the TNT “Ask Charles” segment, check out Dwyane Wade’s myTouch 4G, video chat with friends, compete in a number of games and “step up to 4G” on the T Mobile basketball half court. In addition, T Mobile will host player appearances, including the star of T Mobile’s NBA ad campaign, Dwyane Wade, and current T Mobile customers can show their phone for VIP treatment including exclusive prizes and special lines to activities. NBA All Star Jam Session presented by adidas takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center and features over 11 acres of NBA All Star excitement..

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