scaling less of an issue on screens

Audits released Wednesday offered new details about two of the city’s ongoing financial problems: money wasted by the outdated municipal phone system and the unfunded liabilities of the Police and Fire departments’ pension plans. The system, run by Comptroller Joan M. Pratt’s office, could save as much as $700,000 a year by eliminating lines that are “no longer being used,” the report states..

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iphone 8 plus case He showed them off in a recent episode of CBS Television’s popular news show 60 Minutes. “I designed a modular system for these precious fossils whereby they sit in Pelican cases, each individually modelled for each component of one of the skeletons and then they are stored in fire proof document safes. This gives them, in our opinion, what is probably the best protection that can be offered and given the shock resistance and waterproof nature of the cases, I am confident that even should the building collapse, our fossils would have an excellent chance of survival.” iphone 8 plus case.